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Drive More Traffic To YOUR Website. We UNDERSTAND! Your website is your online showroom. You've spent thousands of dollars on it and you're proud of how it looks. You take time to ensure the content is up-to-date and that promotions and specials are listed. This is where you want your online traffic to flow. Claim Your Market is a unique vendor for car dealerships in that all of our software tools are stand alone applications, and operate as an independent platform. It doesn't matter who your website provider is... our tools will drive traffic to your website. Better yet, we don't expect you to do a thing for our tools to work. Simply send over your feed and let us work to drive qualified online visitors, so you don't have to. Focus on what you do best and we'll do the same. Select a tool below to learn more.

Latest Automotive SEO strategy package leverages search optimization, social relevance, and video marketing to capitalize on Google’s ever-changing ranking system.

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