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Claim Your Market, a division of Carweek Inc, established 1996.

As a dealer will have questions regarding procedure and implementation, we are here to help simplify this process. Claim Your Market has a trained staff of professionals to answer all your questions, working hand in hand with your dealership staff to ensure that we take in consideration all your marketing needs.

Claim Your Market

Claim Your Market Network controls and operates the most broad online real estate you will ever find. Being part of this market opens the door for your inventory to become part of hundreds of websites. Most companies claim to have this power but only Claim Your Market can actually prove it. This power can help literally any dealership extend their reach in the online world to reach millions of potential customers.

A very fresh approach to your marketing strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you Do?

Claim Your Market does Classified Syndication for new and used car dealerships nationally. With more than 200 local city specific automotive sites using the Carweek network we are unmatched in local market penetration.

Are there Setup Fees?

No, our system is put up or shut up, so we front the cost of setup so you can enjoy Claim Your Market from the start with no extra fees.

How will Claim Your Market get my inventory?

Claim Your Market works with most inventory providers making it simple to receive your dealerships inventory. You simply need to ask your inventory/photo provider to send your dealerships New and Used inventory to Claim Your Market.

Does Claim Your Market provide Training?

Absolutely! To get the most out of Carweek you and your staff will be trained on our easy to use system to insure you can make the most of our system.

Does Carweek work with Other 3rd Parties?

Of course! Most Carweek Network Syndication clients use Carweek as an extra venue to ensure their market presence. Many 3rd parties send nightly feeds to Carweek already; you can even ask them to send us your inventory for free!

How can we send to other 3rd parties from Carweek?

Simply request a feed from Carweek to where you would like your inventory sent to, if we have that feed; we will include it.

Does Carweek syndicate New and Used inventory?

Yes; Carweek Network currently syndicates New Used and Certified inventory.

What websites will i be on?

Carweek Network Syndicates will be placed on sites within their local or regional market that pertain to the types of marketing they have signed up for. Participation levels very.

What type of results can my dealership expect?

Participants can expect higher web traffic, walk-in traffic, lead conversion, and overall sales by the 90 day mark.

How do you track leads, traffic, etc?

Participants can track web traffic, online leads, among other things from within our system.

Why can't I find my website?

There are over a trillion pages on the Internet. To make your website visible, there is a set number of ways to increase your inventory exposure. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are ways to increase the frequency of your website appearing in searches on Google, Yahoo! & MSN.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website pages popular amongst the search engine results pages (SERP's). When people click on your website in the organic search results, it's free.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a way to advertise your business online, several different venues are available. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a quick, efficient way of helping your website appear in relevant searches, higher in the results than the organic listings. PPC is a very targeted way of creating Dealer Visibility in a local market, when people search for your business' products and or services. Video ads and Banner ads are also forms of impression based Internet marketing, also known as SEM.

Should I do both SEO and SEM to ensure site prominence?

This depends on your business and the competition in your local market. Stats say if you have dealer visibility in both, you increase your chance of being selected by almost 38%.

Is my Internet campaign effective?

Claim your Market developed a patent pending proprietary tracking system that allows tractability of inbound phone calls and emails into your business as a result of your online campaign. Claim Your Market tracks your advertising campaign all month to ensure phone calls and emails are being generated. We know what terms are bringing in the most traffic and base our goals on maximizing these opportunities.

Does Claim Your Market work for non-automotive clients?

No. We only work within the automotive industry. Our industry is moving so quickly, that if you blink, your competition has already infiltrated the SERP's. We do one industry, and we do it better then the competition.

Is Claim Your Market a website company?

No. We prefer “Interactive Marketing Agency”, “Dealer Visibility Company”, “Lead Generation Website's ”or “Inventory Visibility Company”, the term is not important, but a vital tool needed to compete for local customers in today's market. We specialize in building search engine friendly websites that allow our clients to generate quality inbound phone calls & emails. We call this type of site a lead generation website, for obvious reasons.

Is Claim Your Market the advertising agency of the future?

Yes, we like to think so. As more and more people search online before making purchasing decisions, we are seeing a shift in traditional media to online media. The Holy Grail for all of our clients.

Can we afford to market our business online?

We answer this question with a question : How can you afford not to?

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