If you're not using Checkmate Technology, you're not in the game.

Claim Your Market encompass specific code sets for Used, Certified and New inventory with emphasis on your specific location and on outlying areas. Checkmate's proprietary software advantage generates results that are customized to your dealerships particular needs, and the competition simply can't do it. This is what separates Claim Your Market from all other companies.

How well do you dominate your local market?

The Claim Your Market package includes the most successful strategies to increase the frequency of visits and reduce bounce rate from the ready to buy customers in your local market. Claim Your Market has pioneered the use of youtube, images, press releases, social media, microsites, publishing, and link building strategies to allow dealers exceed their online marketing goals.

The most Important thing about real-estate

Location, Location, Location

Online advertising is no different. Dealers are calling us the AutoTrader/ Killer. If you have had success with Auto Trader, in the past, but have seen a decrease in leads, we can explain why. Inventory Exposure is a key requirement for success, our focus is not about dealership sites, but more about driving traffic to the vehicle itself. 600+ Automotive hooks in the water using unique yet relevant search criteria we maximize the chances that your vehicle will be seen.

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Where are you currently invested when it comes to your online real-estate?

Where are your cars?

Ask yourself this simple question: Where are my cars?

Most inventory marketing systems claim to blast your inventory everywhere, but can only produce a limited number of actual automotive sites. With our diversified portfolio, we have the ability to strategically place your inventory within multiple channels giving you maximum targeted exposure!

Can people find your inventory?

You will not be able to answer this question if you do not have the ability to monitor your leads and inventory exposure. With Claim your Market unique proprietary software you will be able to observe all aspects of your inventory.

Do people know how to find you?

Without proper Search Engine Optimization via Classified Syndication you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

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The more websites my inventory is on, the more my inventory will be seen.

Current lead providers just not doing it?

Maybe its time for a change

The premise is simple the more hooks you have in the water, the more fish you will catch. By expanding your inventories online exposure you will have a higher percentage of traffic to your website and inventory resulting in higher sales.

Claim Your Market services can provide you with that Edge you need to improve your online visibility, traffic, leads, competition suppression, and bottom-line.

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Can you keep your competition from infiltrating your backyard?

Comparative Reporting

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Give us a moment of your time and we will explain how we can help claim your market before your competition takes away your home territory. With Checkmate proprietary advantage you can expect the best:

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